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Reading Aura in Depth

Aura Reading

An inspiring experience,

useful for your consciousness,

providing you with a broader, deeper overview of your life,

bestowing helpful pieces of advice for your everyday life,

a support to heal energetic imbalances.

The Le.Co.P.E.A. Method ©

A Method of Aura Reading

that can be applied at a professional level, 

with excellent results,

also Online.

Anna Di Natale

Meet Aura Readers
For thirty years in the field of meditation and sensitivity

Anna Di Natale

Roberto Mantovani

Anna Di Natale and Roberto Mantovani are both naturopaths, teachers of Breath Yoga and Meditation, with an experience of thirty years in the field of bio-natural disciplines and personal development, writers, lecturers, founders and teachers of the School of Aura Reading and Aura Treatment - Le.Co.P.E.A. Method ©.

Roberto Mantovani

Our Method

- Our Aura Reading Method is called Le.Co.P.E.A. Method ©, where Le.Co.P.E.A. stands for Reading Body, Psyche, Emotions, Aura.


- Our Method is based on a feminine energetic approach that consists in receiving and embracing information rather than in searching for it.

- The use of the subtle extension of the 5 physical senses (i.e., sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) significantly widens the perspective of perception.

- The physical body and the physical sensations are the first and foremost means of perception for the Le.Co.P.E.A. Method consultants during an Aura Reading session.

​- Perceiving physical sensations is essential to make Aura Reading tangibly useful in everyday life.

​​- Perceiving emotional sensations, thoughts and the subtler vibrations of the person’s energetic field adds clarity and bestows deeper understanding to the physical sensations.

​- The Le.Co.P.E.A. Method integrates the development and use of Telepathy (psychic, emotional and physical).

- Some of the important aspects this Method thoroughly investigates are: Personal Cyclical Schemes, Soul Talents, Chakra Reading, State of the Energetic Field, Energetic Condition of the Physical Organs, Feminine and Masculine Family Lineages, Other Lives.

​- An important outcome of the process of Personal Development stirred by this Method is achieved when the people approaching it, thanks to spontaneous insights and deep understanding, express the nuances of their personality and their Soul Talents more thoroughly.

What does a session of Aura Reading include?

The Online Aura Reading session "Reading Aura in Depth" lasts about one hour and a half and includes:

1) the Aura Reading done at a very deep level by two professionals, and more specifically by a feminine energetic polarity and a masculine energetic polarity. This is a very important aspect as it guarantees a wider and more thorough perception perspective;

2) the Aura Reading audio recording, sent to the client by email at the end of the session;


3) the translation done by an Interpreter, expert in the field of Aura Reading.


- To know Why our Online Aura Reading session is so in-depth please read "Our Method".


- Before booking the Aura Reading Online session, please read our "Disclaimer".

What do the persons who got an Aura Reading tell about us?

“The Aura Reading as an individual session with Anna and Roberto was a wonderful experience. I was eager to know, during a first Reading, whether I would have had a baby and the spiritual reasons that hindered this event and then, during a second Reading, while pregnant, I was keen on getting to know the energy of my baby. Five years have passed since then and still today I remember what Anna and Roberto told me about Elia’s temperament and his being carrier of truth. Gratitude.”


Alessandra Guenzani


“Getting an individual Aura Reading with Anna and Roberto is an extraordinary and unique experience. The Aura Reading allowed me to ponder over some aspects of my personality and my life stimulating the pursuit of that (not only) inner well-being that everybody should search for. I sincerely advice you to try it, you will be more than satisfied. Anna and Roberto are two wonderful and incredibly helpful persons. I still haven’t had the opportunity to attend their courses, but I will take them as soon as my work commitments allow me to.”

Giulio Baldi

“My experience of Aura Reading allowed me to know myself better, to deeply understand parts of me I was still unaware of, to undertake a fundamental path to improve my life. It was a moving and extremely inspiring experience and still today, after many years, I listen to the recording of that session discovering new nuances and new hints for my personal growth. Furthermore, it taught me to see my life from a different perspective, to forgive both myself and the others more than I did before, and for all this I sincerely thank you, Anna and Roberto. That Aura Reading session strengthened my desire to continue the process of personal growth I had already begun and that has led me and still leads me to change many things in my life. Thank you.”

Annalisa Bonfogo

“Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to attend your courses due to work commitments, but I had the great and wonderful experience of meeting you during your individual sessions of Aura Reading that have been taking place for so many years. There are no words to describe your professionalism, humility, and admirable helpfulness. I have been accompanied on my path in an exemplary way and the results have been shared with great enthusiasm. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks.“

Paola Lazzarini

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